Project Purpose Transformation and Restoration Center (Project Purpose)

We are happy to announce our second center to help support! The Director is Katie Magill and below is a description she has written about her center…

7414053_centers1 The Project Purpose Transformation and Restoration Center (Project Purpose) is located 22 km outside of Maputo, Africa. The first phase, completed in 2011, currently houses 23 children. When the other 3 phases are completed it will house 128 women and children. The Center is a refuge for young women and children who would otherwise be without hope. The children in the center were born to women in prostitution who we call Princesses (Daughters of the Most High who do not know their value yet.) They are the first generation in their families who will not consider prostitution an option or the streets as a way of life. The primary goal for the children is to ‘Love them to Life’ and to help them discover their purpose and value by introducing them to Jesus Christ. They are housed in a safe place where they are given nutritious meals, educated, and encouraged to pursue their dreams and purpose. Project Purpose ministers to the needs of the Princesses by praying for salvation, offering Biblically-based counseling, deliverance and healing and walking with them on their journey toward wholeness and restoration. We offer opportunities for transformation through Bible-based teaching, practical and academic skills training, recreational activities and community service projects.

We at Project Purpose are excited about our partnership with Sunshine Pals Ministries, Inc. and the impact this partnership will have on the restoration of this special group of women and children.

Centro Arco Iris Matola Rio “Project Raphael”

This is the first center Sunshine Pals Ministries is supporting. The Director is Corrie Ockhuysen and below is a description she has written about her center…

933354_centers2Our center in Matola Rio began in 2006…we try to be a family for 36 children…36 children, all with their own story, all with a difficult background. Some of them went through things that we hardly can imagine. Our youngest child is 2 years old and the oldest is 17. Many of them have AIDS and need special care. We try to give our children hope, a future, meals, school and a healthy environment. Most importantly we pray that they all will have a personal relationship with our Lord. In the evening we have prayer time and our children love to sing and dance.

Just a few months ago the Lord blessed us with the finances to build a new dorm for our older boys. It was completed just a few weeks ago. We now hope to get a dorm for our older girls as well as a house for visitors. A long term goal and desire is to start more houses like ours. Another dream is that our children will be involved with outreaches and will learn to reach out to the many needy children in Mozambique.

We have a team of Mozambican educators, guards, pastors and other workers.

We have a couple from Cuba who works with us as missionaries.

Although living in Mozambique is cheaper than in America, the daily expenses for food, salaries, transport, water and electricity bills, etc. continue to rise. Therefore, we are very thankful for families like you who want to support our children. Our children like it also very much to have “a special family far away or Pal” and will do their best to write letters, make drawings and keep the relationship warm.

In our churches (Partners in Harvest) we have services in Portuguese and Shangana. Our churches are in Matola Rio, Jonasse and Chinonanquila. On the first Sunday of the month we have a service with the 3 churches together and a meal afterwards. We also have a preschool for children from our neighborhood.”

Below is a video produced by Greg Meeres of of Corrie and her kids at the center…




“If you are generous with the hungry and start giving yourselves to the down-and-out, your lives will begin to glow in the darkness, your shadowed lives will be bathed in sunlight.” Isaiah 58 MSG